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Blockchain Life 2019 – One of the biggest forum in the industry

Blockchain Life 2019 — the main industry event On October 16-17, Expocentre hosted the 4th International Blockchain Life 2019 — a forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency...

What connects the ghost town in California with the cryptocurrency mine?

Cryptocurrency mining is an investment that is still one of the more profitable ones - even if the price is not stable, and the...

How to turn water into money – the story of crypto mine BitRiver

For years, Iceland was the main center for cryptocurrency mining. Renewable energy in the form of geothermal sources means cheap electricity - that leads...

Malta AIBC Summit – conversations, interviews and unsuccessful photos

AIBC Summit is one of the biggest blockchain events. The AIBC Summit lasted two days: November 7-8. The summit took place in Malta, called...

Revolut and cryptocurrencies – solutions, which fell from the sky

Going abroad is highly connected with the tremendous amount of preparation. One of the key phases of planning the travel is gathering enough money...

BATman in the world of tokens

Tokens in the cryptocurrency world have many utilities - from helping large finance projects to strengthening transaction security. They are based on the blockchain...

Blockchain Advisory – gatekeepers of a better cryptocurrency world

Carrying out an effective ICO, STO, or establishing a successful cryptocurrency exchange requires a lot of experience and a team of specialists. Doing it...

CoinPaprika – the successor of CoinMarketCap?

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts cannot start their day other than with a good cup of coffee in hand, watching cryptocurrency prices and exchange volumes on...

ZBX exchange: a bridge between traditional and digital currencies

The current cryptocurrency environment is overloaded with people whose experience is only in crypto itself or the traditional financial market, but lack the knowledge...

Gambling + Blockchain + Fasttoken = The future of betting games?

The history of gambling dates back to ancient times. For valuable things and slaves, people played in China already around 2300 years before Christ,...
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Facebook introduces its own cryptocurrency – Libra!

We first heard that Facebook plans on introducing the world to a new cryptocurrency appeared about a year ago. Since then, we’ve been eagerly...

Blockchain beef supply to Japan

Every good DIY guy has used duck tape at least once in his life - and no doubt! It can repair a chair, table,...

Singapore more friendly to the crypto business

Singapore is one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly areas in the world. This unique city-state fully supports blockchain technology and related development opportunities - including...

Does Tether increase the price of a cryptocurrency?

Recent research reveals the truth about whether the USDT is pumping the BTC price, and where this relationship comes from. Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) As...

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