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“TATA” introduces a tool for blockchain developers

introduces a tool for blockchain developers

Twitter decentralization – high flying project

Blockchain and tools based on it slowly penetrate into every area of ​​life - it is used, among others, in the transport of goods,...

Microsoft created a tool that enables tokenization

Microsoft is a market giant that is responsible for creating the most popular operating systems, such as Windows XP or Windows Vista. The company...

Bank of Lithuania will create blockchain-based coins

Lithuania is a country that is famous for its love of numismatics (collecting coins). No wonder then, that to commemorate the signing of the...

Unchain your god – and get some tokens!

Games based on blockchain technology that allow players to earn some money are becoming increasingly popular. It is not surprising - everyone would like...

Blockchain in charity – technology usage by Red Cross for Africa

The fight against the problems of Third World countries has been going on for a long time. Hunger, illness, civil wars, lack of access...

Blockchain beef supply to Japan

Every good DIY guy has used duck tape at least once in his life - and no doubt! It can repair a chair, table,...

The new part of Cooking Mama will introduce blockchain on consoles

The publisher of Planet Digital Partners announced that their first game - reboot of the well-known cooking brand - "Cooking Mama: Coming Home to...

Seoul will reward the crypto residents

During a conference held in July and attended by city officials, the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to create the first blockchain-based administrative services. Three priorities The...
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BitFunder CEO sentenced to 14 months in prison!

Jon Montrol, CEO and co-founder of the now-defunct BitFunder exchange platform, was sentenced to 14 months in prison, as stated in a statement from...

The Bank of France will create a digital currency

The French financial sector until now has been rather skeptical about cryptocurrencies. It was considered to be a speculative investment tool and their lack...

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The new website is about to announce it!

According to the new website - GotSatoshi - we will get to know the real name of Bitcoin’s creator very soon. Apparently, he (or...

Bitcoin has exceeded $9000. What made that happen and will the course go even higher?

Within 24 hours, Bitcoin's rate rose from $7,700 to $9,500. The staggering revival of BTC puts the rest of the crypto and the stock...

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