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Analysts who announced Ripple’s fall to $0.13 now fears a Ethereum’s drop

The value of all cryptocurrencies is constantly changing. Whether it's Bitcoins or Ethereum, we can observe the constant ups and downs of their prices....

Why did the co-founder of Ripple sell over 54 million XRP?

Why does Jed McCaleb sell his tokens regularly and how it impacts Ripple? Jed McCaleb and his crypto wallet American programmer and entrepreneur Jed McCaleb is...

Mass minting of USDT during the BTC rally. Is the Tether still stable?

While Bitcoin crossed the $8,000 resistance threshold and started its rally to $9,000, the Tether minted over 160 million tokens. Tether (USDT) The Tether is one...

Does Tether increase the price of a cryptocurrency?

Recent research reveals the truth about whether the USDT is pumping the BTC price, and where this relationship comes from. Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) As...

Stablecoins are up to $9 billion. The crypto-investors are terrified.

Why are Stablecoins, linked to stable reserves, becoming more and more important on the crypto market? Stablecoins on the market An analyst from "Coin Metrics" calculated...

Dutch Central Bank DNB wants to lead the Digital Euro in the UE

Will the Netherlands be able to cope with the development of the digital euro and why is it so sudden that they want to...

Top 3 cryptocurrencies, worth a look this week

Investors in the crypto market are slowly changing their strategies for bullish. Is it worth investing in such positions as ETH, XTZ and LINK? The...

The leading dollar stablecoin – Tether minted over $120 million

While the Bitcoin community has visibly declined in recent months due to the tense global economic situation, the USDT Tether is consistently growing. The...

Akon and his Senegalese dream that will soon come true

Everything you have to know about African cryptocurrency and a futuristic city, like Wakanda from "Black Panther". Singer's statement At yesterday's conference on cryptocurrency - "Blockdown...

Is Libra the greatest threat to Bitcoin?

MBA economist and scientist John Vaz from Monash University notices interesting relationships between Libra & Bitcoin, and sums up whether BTC has anything to...
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BitFunder CEO sentenced to 14 months in prison!

Jon Montrol, CEO and co-founder of the now-defunct BitFunder exchange platform, was sentenced to 14 months in prison, as stated in a statement from...

The Bank of France will create a digital currency

The French financial sector until now has been rather skeptical about cryptocurrencies. It was considered to be a speculative investment tool and their lack...

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The new website is about to announce it!

According to the new website - GotSatoshi - we will get to know the real name of Bitcoin’s creator very soon. Apparently, he (or...

Bitcoin has exceeded $9000. What made that happen and will the course go even higher?

Within 24 hours, Bitcoin's rate rose from $7,700 to $9,500. The staggering revival of BTC puts the rest of the crypto and the stock...

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