Sunday, November 29, 2020
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$ 18,129.90 2.44%
$ 552.32 1.83%
$ 0.601610 4.76%
$ 0.999118 0.21%
$ 279.63 0.15%
$ 167.11 0.07%
$ 78.21 6.66%
$ 2.99 0.68%
$ 29.90 2.05%
$ 121.70 0.30%
$ 0.030316 0.85%
$ 106.52 1.80%
$ 17.39 1.95%
$ 0.335091 3.23%
$ 532.83 1.03%
$ 0.003443 0.51%
$ 0.014959 3.03%
$ 0.229351 0.45%
$ 1.27 0.14%

Will exceeding $9,500 lead to a huge increase in Bitcoin price?

Why is the $9,500 level so important for further Bitcoin growth and what factors influence the current crypto rate? Key level  Much of the crypto analysts'...

What is the current situation of Bitcoin and investors’ moods right after halving?

At what point is Bitcoin now and what are there obstacles to its further growth? Price After Halving The long-awaited event that reduced the value of...

Reasons for Bitcoin (BTC) falling sharply from $10,000 to $8,100

The factors that caused the massive price drop for 1 BTC block are not as obvious as we might think.  Bitcoin dip The price of the...

Bitcoin’s miners reduced sales due to halving

With Bitcoin's approaching halving, to which less than 24 hours are left, the coming value of this cryptocurrency is a great speculation. Miners who...

Block size and BTC hash rate reaches ATH. What does this mean for Bitcoin?

The block in the Bitcoin network reached 1.3 MB and the hash rate is at a record level of 136 EH/s, just before the...

Is halving priced in the current BTC price?

According to critics, the price of Bitcoin will not increase as in previous halving events. What do investors and analysts in the cryptic industry...

This Halving will be different

The approaching Bitcoin halving is on the lips of the entire crypto world. More and more experts say that this time it's going to...

The latest data shows whether Bitcoin (BTC) can go up and set a new price cycle

The latest market analysis and historical data from all halving periods tell us if the Bitcoin course will start a new rally to new...

Bitcoin is entering a new era. What happens to Bitcoin if they cut off the Internet?

The Blockstream protocol for satellite services now allows you to download the full node without an Internet connection. What does this mean for Bitcoin...

Could Warren Buffett buy all the Bitcoins available?

Bitcoins available on the market have a total value of less than 165 billion dollars. Warren Buffett has assets worth 137 billion dollars. Does that...
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Akon City – a fully independent cryptocurrency city

From the very beginning, cryptocurrencies have been accompanied by large and spectacular projects - mainly thanks to the use of blockchain technology as well...

Akon and his Senegalese dream that will soon come true

Everything you have to know about African cryptocurrency and a futuristic city, like Wakanda from "Black Panther". Singer's statement At yesterday's conference on cryptocurrency - "Blockdown...

Will Bitcoin price hit $500,000 in 2021?

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, speaks about Bitcoin, it's potential and upcoming events. Morehead forecast Dan Morehead is a CEO of Pantera Capitals, an investment...

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