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What is the current situation of Bitcoin and investors’ moods right after halving?

At what point is Bitcoin now and what are there obstacles to its further growth? Price After Halving The long-awaited event that reduced the value of...

It finally happened: Bitcoin third halving

The event awaited all over the world - halving finally took place. On 11 May 2020 it will go down in the pages of...

The number of investors in BTC is still growing. What does this mean for Bitcoin and its future?

Can a significant increase in investors be the reason for the recent price fluctuations? What does the data say on the future of the...

Lolli – Bitcoin cashback

Earning Bitcoin while shopping online is an option offered by the creators of Lolli. The US-based startup has announced an upcoming mobile app and...

One of the most popular banks in the United States provides banking services for crypto exchanges

JPMorgan started to provide services for the Coinbase and Gemini exchanges. Where did this decision come from and what does this event mean for...

Will exceeding $9,500 lead to a huge increase in Bitcoin price?

Why is the $9,500 level so important for further Bitcoin growth and what factors influence the current crypto rate? Key level  Much of the crypto analysts'...

Block size and BTC hash rate reaches ATH. What does this mean for Bitcoin?

The block in the Bitcoin network reached 1.3 MB and the hash rate is at a record level of 136 EH/s, just before the...

Is halving priced in the current BTC price?

According to critics, the price of Bitcoin will not increase as in previous halving events. What do investors and analysts in the cryptic industry...

Cryptocurrency regulations in India

Crypto regulatory in India is not entirely clear. There is a lack of arrangements that would allow the mass use and development of crypto...

Reasons for Bitcoin (BTC) falling sharply from $10,000 to $8,100

The factors that caused the massive price drop for 1 BTC block are not as obvious as we might think.  Bitcoin dip The price of the...
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BitFunder CEO sentenced to 14 months in prison!

Jon Montrol, CEO and co-founder of the now-defunct BitFunder exchange platform, was sentenced to 14 months in prison, as stated in a statement from...

The Bank of France will create a digital currency

The French financial sector until now has been rather skeptical about cryptocurrencies. It was considered to be a speculative investment tool and their lack...

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The new website is about to announce it!

According to the new website - GotSatoshi - we will get to know the real name of Bitcoin’s creator very soon. Apparently, he (or...

Bitcoin has exceeded $9000. What made that happen and will the course go even higher?

Within 24 hours, Bitcoin's rate rose from $7,700 to $9,500. The staggering revival of BTC puts the rest of the crypto and the stock...

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